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  • The 6 necessary conditions to successfully seduce a woman (These are called the Pillars of Seduction in my book)
  • The 5 Principals of Seduction (5 principals which explain why seduction is different from normal social conversation)
  • The Role of the seducer
  • How to use Seduction Strategically
  • How to initiate contact with 9's and 10's
  • Numerous Pointers and Tips
  • How to Attract and Seduce women in a Night Life environment
  • How to Dress in order to Attract Women
  • How to really Relate to Women instead of using schemes and scripts
  • And Much More..



Most men won't say it out loud, but they think seduction is difficult. And in a way they are right because seducion is. But you should be happy seduction isn't easy! The more obstacles most men face seducing women the more beautiful women represent opportunities for you as a seducer because most men won't be able to surpass these obstacles. And once you are able to disarm the obstacles most men face in seduction you enter the Game. And that's when you can start to play with it and enjoy seduction becomes natural to you and you start to attract women naturally.

Naturals and Pickup Artists

Anyone who has read Neil Strauss book The Game know he makes a difference between Pickup artists and Naturals... Being a Natural I don't believe in using routines or 'canned material'. I believe in building a strong identity that attracts women and that will benefit you not just in the field of seduction. Secondly I strongly believe anyone can learn the skills necessary to seduce any woman and by practicing those skills again and again with the right guidance anyone can achieve greatness. 

Besides building a strong personal identity and learning the neccesary skills my methodology towards teaching the art of seduction is principle-centered. Believes drive actions and by focusing on principles I can make any guy achieve great results without using any of the sophisticated pick-up artist techniques. By teaching the right principles and encouraging my students to develop their skills in the field I’m able to make them achieve their full potential in- and outside the field of seduction. Don't be surprised that you will start to be more succesful at work, in your own social circle and anywhere else you have to deal with people if you take one of my workshops. It's a natural side-effect I won't charge any money for.


  • How to develop a strong identity that will attract women
  • How not to be dependable on the internet to meet women
  • How to approach women you’ve never met before
  • How to consistently get phone numbers from attractive women
  • How to turn phone numbers into dates
  • How to leverage your Strenghts
  • How to keep the converation going
  • What openers to use
  • How to turn dates into scores
  • How to get a girls invested in the relationship
  • And Much More!
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"R. made me overcome my fear of approaching women in less than a day, I feel confident I can meet any woman now"

"The skills and beliefs R. taught me are priceless I already got three dates this week and he only instructed me for a few hours"


"R. demonstrated he can meet any girl he wants and he makes it look easy”

“Before meeting R. I was a total loser when it came to women. I never even kissed a girl. But now every time I go out I talk to interesting and beautiful without getting rejected, it’s amazing. There are opportunities everywhere and now I know how to grasp them”

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"The Game is not played on a computer or the Internet. It's not played in a book. It's played in the real world, with real people and real situations." - Mystery

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